Florence Nursing and Midwifery Network

Florence Network Annual Meeting is a network and a great opportunity to get to know your future international colleagues. The network aim to both enhance and develop the international dialogue between universities and working nurses/midwives. By networking, exchanging information through several different workshops and lectures the network aims to learn from and improve our current situation as nurses and midwifes within Europe.

The network consists of 18 countries and approximately 40 university colleges throughout Europe, making this network one of the biggest of its kind in the world. No other similar network includes as many students as Florence Network, which also makes it the internationally biggest student activity.

The network was created to exchange good practice in teaching, practice and research and does this through its annual meetings, projects as well as staff and student exchanges. The Annual Meetings gather practiononers, academia and students to discuss research issues, future global challenges and internationalization within this field.

The Florence Nursing and Midwifery Network, one of Europe’s oldest nursing and midwifery networks. The network was created to exchange good practice in teaching, practice and research and does this through its annual meetings, projects as well as staff and student exchanges.

The Network encourages the involvement of students, managers and educationalists to ensure strong links between strategy and practice. A strong emphasis on student involvement is reflected in the work of our Student Board which has supported the development of student work groups promoting internationalisation in our member institutions.

We value the promotion and development of nursing/ midwifery practice and education and welcomes interaction and contact with all stakeholders in nursing/midwifery and in education. This includes its members, non-members, students, lecturers practitioners, policy-makers and managers.

We are currently seeking to extend our membership and applications are invited from interested institutions. There is no membership fee and each member funds their own activities within the network.

Best wishes,

Jan Haijer

President Florence Nursing and Midwifery Network

Primary goals

The main goal is to make nursing and midwifery more visible in Europe

- Exchange students and teachers
- Compare curricula and improve quality of Nursing and Midwifery education
- Co-operate in research in the Nursing and Midwifery works field.
- Develop European projects and intensive programs.
- Participate in realisation of the Bologna declaration in Europe.
- Get accreditation for Nursing and Midwifery education in Europe.
- Use the Erasmus - Socrates European programs
- For long term student exchange
- For teacher exchange
- For intensive programs
- For financing projects and disseminations


Ege University Faculty Of Nursing

Ege University Faculty of Nursing became a member of the Florence Nursing and Midwifery Network in 2006. The Network has an annual meeting every year when member schools are hosted. This meeting is a designated title for that year is determined. In addition, there are separate evaluation meetings at each of these meetings where each member school participates in the Erasmus Coordinator (ECO Meeting), Dean Meeting and student board. Each school must participate in the annual meeting of the membership for continuation. Generally at each meeting the Erasmus Coordinator can take 1 undergraduate student from his / her school without paying the registration fee. At the 18th annual meeting of the Florence Nursing and Midwifery Network (2010), we have hosted our faculty.