Çerez Örnek

Expected Learning Outcomes and Skills from Students who Complete the Training Program

  • Being able to give healthcare and work actively for the optimum health of the individual, family and community from birth to death,
  • Being able to implement health care, therapeutic, rehabilitative and supportive nursing practices for individuals, families and communities in a holistic approach,
  • Being able to use knowledge and skills according to evidence-based nursing research in practice,
  • Being able to determine the nursing care needs of individual, family and community in all health settings and being able to make nursing diagnose correctly,
  • Being able to apply analysis, critical thinking, problem solving skills, formulate and evaluate nursing care,
  • Being active as an effective member of the health team,
  • Being able to participate with the multidisciplinary team approach in the care of the ill and healthy individuals, and being able to demonstrate appropriate interpersonal communication skills,
  • Being able to beware of professional ethics while giving health care and being able to advocate patients' rights,
  • Being able to maintain continuing education for professional development,
  • Being able to exhibit activities that will provide professional development,
  • Being able to follow national and international developments,
  • Being able to use information systems and technologies.

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